Georgia has long been praised for its kind people, fascinating history, and delectable cuisine.

Today, though, we focus on a different topic as we explore the vibrant black communities that call this state home.

The state of Georgia has a rich African American legacy that spans a variety of customs and has significantly influenced the development of the state’s identity. In this guide we will bring to you all the places that have become beacons of hope and progress for the black community. So, join us on this journey of discovery!

Places To Live In Georgia For Black Families In 2023

In 2019, 2020 and 2021, the population of black residents in Georgia has significantly increased. Check out the graph below:

YearBlack Population in Georgia

Georgia has many fine places for the blacks to consider living in but the actual choice depends upon the individual’s priorities.

Some feel that the areas with a strong feeling of community are the greatest places for black families to live in Georgia, while others would prefer the affluent black neighborhoods in Georgia having a higher number of black-owned businesses. Others, meanwhile, would value having access to outstanding schools and a low crime rate in their neighborhood.

Well, whatever the case is, we have collected a list of all the top places for the black people to reside and enjoy a quality life. Have a read.

1. Grant Park In Atlanta

This one tops the list. Grant Park is one of the best places to live in Atlanta for black families. It is a residential district, known for its Victorian mansions and Craftsman bungalows.

Grant Park In Atlanta

Grant park has a vibrant past and a multicultural community. It boasts excellent educational institutions and is renowned for housing some of the finest schools in the city. Grant Park is an ideal location for families to settle down, offering a wealth of opportunities to explore and enjoy everything Atlanta has to offer.

2. West End In Columbus

This is one of the safest places for black families to live in Georgia. West End is renowned for its vibrant sense of community and fellowship. Numerous churches are there, which promotes camaraderie among the locals, while neighborhood shops and eateries meet the requirements of the locals.

West End In Columbus

The region is a fantastic alternative for families looking for high-quality educational opportunities because it also has excellent public schools. Living in the West End has the benefit of providing quick access to downtown Columbus’ attractions, including the riverfront district, museums, and shopping malls, all of which are easily accessible on foot or by bicycle.

3. Highland Park In Savannah

Located in Savannah, Highland Park is a serene old neighborhood which is known as one of the best places to raise a black family.

Highland Park In Savannah

Despite being one of the older neighborhoods, it provides a pleasant way of life because of its advantageous location close to the city center and its many attractions.

The neighborhood is well known for having many exquisitely kept older homes, and a large portion of it is designated as a historic district, protecting the neighborhood’s distinctive character and architecture.

4. Boulevard In Athens

Black families in Athens can reside on the Boulevard with ease. This area is one of the nicest areas to reside in Georgia and is situated in east Athens. The region is renowned for its strong sense of community and for having a long history.

Boulevard In Athens

5. Cobbham Athens

What makes Cobbham one of the best places to reside in, for black families is its affordable housing system and its racial diversity, community spirit etc.It is certainly worth considering.

Cobbham athens

6. North Augusta

Over 21,000 people live in North Augusta, which is in the state’s north-central region. It is ideal for black families and provides a wide range of amenities.

The location of North Augusta is one of its outstanding features. It is simple to travel throughout the state from North Augusta because it is accessible to both main highways and airports.


Numerous public and private schools in the city provide top-notch educational opportunities. Additionally, if you’re interested in higher education, there are a number of schools and institutions close by.

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7. Fulton County

Fulton is the most racially diverse area in Georgia. If you’re from a middle class black family, you should consider living in Fulton county with your family.

fulton county

There are numerous cheap areas with top-notch schools.Moreover, there are numerous employment options and cultural attractions throughout the county. Fulton County’s central location also makes it simple to travel throughout the state.

Where Do Most African Americans Live In Georgia?

About 3.32 million Africans are residing in America. We have collected information about different localities where African-Americans reside in Georgia.

At County Level:

County NameBlack Population
Hancock County72.9%
Dougherty County68.4%
Clayton County67.7%
Fulton County43.6%

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Clayton county

City wise the City of Atlanta has the greatest number of black residents, at 465,230 for 51.8 percent of that city’s population. It is also included in the list of best places to live in Georgia for hispanic families.

Places in Georgia for Black Families FAQs

What is the most racially diverse city in Georgia?

Scottdale. The most racially diverse city to live in Georgia.

What cities in Georgia are mostly black?

Union City, Stone Mountain, Riverdale, College Park, Lovejoy, Albany, Fort Valley, Blakely, Waynesboro.

Where do most African Americans live in Georgia?

City wisethe City of Atlanta has the greatest number of black residents, at 465,230 for 51.8 percent of that city’s population.


In conclusion, the areas mentioned above are the best in Georgia for black families to reside. For black residents and their families, these cities provide a wide variety of opportunities.

Consider one of these areas if you’re seeking for a place to call home in the Peach State. Thank you for reading!

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