Malawi is located in southeast Africa. It was formerly known as Nyasaland. Now it is renamed as Malawi which comes from the name “Maravi ”.

It is an old name of the Nyanja people because they once inhabited that area. The country is also called “THE WARM HEART OF AFRICA.” Malawi is the smallest area of Africa.

Almost one-third of Malawi is covered with Malawi Lake. The motto of Malawi is “UNITY AND FREEDOM.” It has a total area of about 118,000 square kilometers.

Its total population is estimated to be 16,77,547 according to a count done in 2013. Its largest city, as well as its capital, is Lilongwe. Its second largest city is Blantyre, third largest is Mzuzu.

Although it is not a well-developed country it has some attractions based on a natural and artificial beauty that enhances its importance in the World’s map. Some of the tourist attractions in Malawi Africa are cited below:

Tourist Attractions in Malawi Africa


1. Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi also known as Lake Nyasa is not completely located in Malawi rather it is located between Malawi Mozambique and Tanzania.

Lake Malawi is the World’s ninth-largest lake and the third-biggest and deepest lake in Africa. These characters make the lake a significant place to visit. It is a part of Malawi National Park.

One special property of the lake is it is a meromictic lake in that its layer does not mix with each other, and the water with different colors is differentiated easily.

Lake Malawi is known as the lake of stars because the light of the lanterns of fishermen resembles the stars.

It is also called Lake of Storms due to its unpredictable and highly violent storms. The remarkable characteristics of the lake attract tourists towards itself.

2. Lake Chilwa

Lake Chilwa is the second largest lake in Malawi after Lake Malawi. The lake is bordered by Mozambique. It is about 60 kilometers long and 40 kilometers wide.

The lake has a huge island in its center called Chisi Island. The boundary of the lake is not well defined as the level of the water is greatly affected by seasonal rains and evaporation of water in summer.

In 1859, David Livingstone supposed that the southern boundary of the lake reached Mulanje Massif, which would make the lake as long as 20 miles from the present length.

The weather of the lake is pleasant for visitors. People usually go there when the water level is low for fishing and hunting.

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3. Liwonde National Park

Liwonde National Park is located in Malawi and is one of the most attractive places in Malawi. It lies about 6 kilometers from the town center of Liwonde and is accessible by bicycle or simply walking.


At the entrance of the park, there are several lodges which can be easily affordable. These are used for camping.

Liwonde National Park is a habitat for a large number of plant and animal species.

This park is a good place for visitors as it entertains the guests with some activities like boat safaris, camping, and gaming. This park also contains a vast amount of wildlife.

4. Nyika National Park

Nyika National Park is the largest park in Malawi. It covers an area of 3200 square kilometers which is located in almost the whole of the Nyika Plateau.

The name Nyika means “where the water comes from,” it is named because this area is wetter than the surrounding areas.

The park contains about 200 different types of orchid flowers only. The grass of the park is rich in wildflowers.

The park has a moderate environment that makes it a favorite place of attraction. The park is also used for camping and safari. It also contains lakes in it that are used for swimming.

5. Chongoni Rock Art Area

Chongoni Rock Art is a historical area located in the middle of Malawi. It has almost 128 sites spread throughout the country. It is primarily found in the forested hills of Malawi.

The areas contain the rocks of the Late Stone Age and Iron Age period. These sites are located near the mountain range of Dedza, which is the highest town in Malawi.

It contains dense clusters of rock art which are set in prehistoric times. The rocks contain different types of granite rocks with attractive and unique color patterns.

The coloration of the Rocky area attracts tourists towards them.

6. Mount Soche

Mount Soche is a mountain located in Blantyre, Malawi. This area of Malawi is full of many honeymoon resorts as well as luxurious hotels.


This is a good place for couples to visit. The mountain also contains a dense forest which has a variety of flora and fauna.

People usually go there to hitchhike across the mountain. Although the pathway through the mountain is rough, people enjoy the walk through the mountain in a dense forest. It is a good place to visit in Malawi.

7. Mulanje Mountain Forest Reserve

Mulanje Mountains Reserve is a natural mountain reserve found in Malawi discovered in 1927. The mountain contains a solid series of different types of rocks.

The weather in this region is almost dry. The peak comprises a Massif of approximately 500 square kilometers.

The surrounding of the mountain is densely populated with people who are native and exhibit the traditional life of Malawi.

The mountain contains a variety of flora and fauna. Individuals who want to explore the traditions of the country must visit this exciting and major place in Malawi Africa.

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8. Malawi’s Capital City, Lilongwe

When you fly into Lilongwe, the biggest city in Malawi, think about staying at Mabuya Camp. A British family runs it, and it has a nice, friendly vibe.


If you want a cheaper option with a decent room, you can check out Longonots. But if you are looking for a place to meet people and cool off in a swimming pool, Mabuya is your spot.

Now, Lilongwe only has a little stuff to do, but you will return because it has some great things. The best part? The supermarkets!

You can buy all sorts of Western foods there. Shoprite and Game are the big ones. And guess what? We found a healthy café near Game, which was super exciting! So, treat yourself to these little luxuries.

9. Chitimba

Chitimba is a special place in Malawi. It is like a mix of a small village by a big lake and a new safari spot. It is right next to Lake Malawi, not far from Mzuzu city. Here, you can explore the incredible landscapes of the Rift Valley.

You can go hiking here, walking in the hills and fields. It is nice. You can also see cool animals when you walk to Manchewe Falls and Mount Chombe. And if you want, you can meet a traditional African healer.

In short, Chitimba is a unique place where you can enjoy nature, adventure, and African culture by Lake Malawi.

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