Botswana is officially known as the Republic of Botswana. It is a landlocked Country of South Africa located in Africa. Botswana got its new name after gaining its independence in September 1966.

Its neighboring countries are South Africa, Namibia, and Zambia. It is a flat country with 73% of its land in the Kalahari Desert. Its motto is “Pula “, which means rain.

It covers an area of 581,730 square kilometers. Its total population was estimated to be 2,155,784 people according to a count in 2014. Its capital and largest city is Gaborone.

Although it is not a well-developed Country, if you ever have a chance to go there, then places to visit in Botswana are mentioned below:

9 Best Tourists Places to Visit in Botswana


1. Sedudu Island

Sedudu is an island located in Botswana. It is known as Kasikili Island in Namibia. It is a fluvial island boarded with the Chobe River, which is adjacent to Namibia.

It is a non-populated island with an area of about 5 square kilometers. There is a great diversity of plants and animals.

The colors of nature are spread all around. People who visit there enjoy the beauty of nature. Also, they enjoy shopping and hunting over there with night camping.

2. Botswana National Museum

Botswana National Museum is located in the capital city of Botswana, Gaborone. It is also called the National Museum and Art Gallery. This museum serves as a multi-purpose institution.

It also has an art gallery. There is also a botanical garden which is full of colorful flowers. It also serves as an Octagon gallery.

The museum reflects the traditions and culture of Botswana, with a range of paintings and handicrafts kept there.

The museum was constructed in 1967 and opened to the public in 1968. It is an excellent place to view the traditions of Botswana.

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3. Tswapong Hills

Tswapong Hills is located in the central district of Botswana. It is present near Palapye. It is a mountainous range with a nature-friendly environment.

The mountains are 300 to 400 meters high and about 900 meters from the surrounding area. The area is as lengthy as 63 kilometers from East to the west and about 13 kilometers from North to South.

The rocks there are of wide varieties like Ironstone, Quartzite, Sandstone, and many others. The hills have many attractions for visitors, but one of the main attractions is the spectacular Moremi Gorge.

4. Tsodilo

Tsodilo Hills is located in Ngamiland, Botswana. This is a marvelous area to visit in Botswana. This hilly area is a reflection of an ancient tradition of Botswana.


Here, the hills are classified as Male Hill, Female Hill, and Child Hill. All the hills are beautifully decorated with art and paintings.

These hills are culturally and spiritually eloquent for the San people of Kalahari. This area includes art rocks, rock shelters, caves, and depressions.

The significance of this place can also be determined by its preservation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In short, this is the most attractive place to visit in Botswana.

5. Mokolodi Nature Reserve

Mokolodi is a game reserve established in 1994. It is a private place which is not used for any official benefits. The area consists of about 40-kilometer land.

30 kilometers is donated land, and the other 10 is from the capital Gaborone. The reserve is populated with a vast variety of birds and reptile species.

The species present here are mostly endangered and vulnerable. African Bush elephants, Zebra, African leopards, Southern white rhinos, mountain reedbuck, South African giraffes, sable, and gemsbok are common animals found there. It is an informative place to visit in Botswana.

6. Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is located in the North of Botswana. It has the largest game reserve in Africa. By its total area, it is the third largest park in the country.

It is the oldest and the first national park in Botswana. It was established in 1967. It covers an area of about 11,700 square kilometres.

The park contains a diverse population of animals and is known for its diversity. The main attraction of the park is the spectacular elephant population.

The elephants inhabited here are usually giant Kalahari elephants with short tusks. The deficiency of calcium in the soil causes such problems. Anyhow, it is an excellent place to visit in Botswana.

7. Khama Rhino Sanctuary

It is sometimes called Botswana National Park. It is famous for camping and small housing facilities.


The chalets are the central attraction for the people who visit this park, so almost all of these should be reserved before you go there.

These cottages were equipped with basic household and comfortable places to stay. It is open from 08:00 to 19:00 daily.

The activities of this location are day and night driving in private or hired vehicles. There are some rhinos found there that entertain the visitors in their way. It is an excellent place to spend your free time in Botswana.

8. Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta in Africa is a unique, wild place. It has different types of land, like dry grasslands and swamps.

People like to go on safaris and watch animals there. Cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, elephants, crocodiles, and rhinos can be seen.

When you visit, it’s essential to plan well. The time of year can affect which animals you’ll see.  So, make sure you are ready.

Explore the Okavango Delta in Africa. You’ll find incredible animals like cheetahs and elephants. Just remember, plan your visit carefully because the season can change what animals you spot.

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9. Moremi Game Reserve

Crowned the supreme game reserve in Africa in 2008, this park has a lot going for it. It’s a pioneer reserve established by residents deeply concerned about environmental and wildlife threats.

Nestled on the eastern fringes of the Okavango Delta, this reserve offers some of the most breathtaking vistas in the country. Its ecosystem is equally impressive.

While many tourists opt for a self-driven campervan adventure, the park also provides excellent campsites for those seeking a different experience.

In 2008, this park won the title of the best game reserve in Africa. Impressive, right? Well, it gets even better. This reserve was founded by locals who were seriously worried about the threats facing their environment and the animals that call it home.

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