Angola is officially called the Republic of Angola. It is neighboured by Namibia to the south, Congo to its north and east, Zambia to its east, and the Atlantic Ocean to its West.

Angola gained independence in November 1975 from Portugal. This country covers a total area of about 1,246,700 square kilometers.

The population was estimated to be 24,383,301 in 2014. Its most significant and the capital city is Luanda. Angola has three seasons throughout the year: a dry season from May until October.

A transitional season with rain from November to January. And a hot and rainy season from February to April.

The wettest month is April, with a lot of rain, and the best month to arrange a trip to Angola. Angola has many places that attract its visitors, from which few are cut below:

12 Most Attractive Places to Visit in Angola


1. Luanda

Lunda is the most famous and inviting city of Angola. It is the capital and largest city of Angola. It was formerly known as São Paulo da Assunção de Loanda.

It is the capital of an industrial, traditional, and urban hub. We can say that it is the heart of Angola. It was founded in 1576 and shows its historical value.

It covers an area of 113 square kilometers. Luanda has many interesting spots to visit. It includes parks, traditional places of Angola, museums, restaurants, and sky-touching hotels.

Many essential monuments are constructed to honor the beloved sons of Angola. So, the city is an excellent place to sightsee in Angola.

2. Lobito

Lobito is a town located in the Benguela province of Angola. The most exciting aspect of this city is that it is located on the northern coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

This town spans an area of 1,409 square miles. This town is famous for its eye-catching views along the side of the sea.

There are many attractive resorts for couples and restaurants for its visitors. There are many activities for its guests, like sports and fishing.

You can also go to the beach for sun basking and chilling yourself from a hectic life. Lobito was also known as Flamingos City; it is its nickname. Because there is a significant number of Flamingos found there.

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3. Soyo

Soyo is a city located in the province of Zaire, Angola. It was formerly known as Santo António do Zaire. It is located near the Congo River, which increases its significance.


It is the largest oil-producing city in Angola. It supplies almost 1,200,000 barrels of oil per day. Except for this, Soyo is known for its charming beaches that attract some people towards them.

Whenever the weather in Soyo is pleasant, it gives eye-catching sights for the visitors.

There are also some restaurants and clubs. Also, there are many shopping malls for shopping. It is also famous for a variety of species of reptiles.

4. Cabinda

Cabinda is a city located in the Cabinda province of Angola. It is locally known as Tchiowa. This town is geographically separated from the cities of Angola.

Cabinda is also rich in oil reserves. It is known as the largest port for the export of oil and oil products. It was founded in 1833 and declared as a city in 1956.

Although Cabinda is not a well-developed city, it has many attractive spots. It is famous for its churches. There are also many beaches for visitors and gaming places.

It is also famous for sports. The sunsets along the sides of the beaches are eye-catching and attract the tourists towards themselves.

5. National Slavery Museum

The National Slavery Museum is in Morro da Cruz, Luanda, Angola. Unlike other museums, the motive of this museum is very different.

This museum is dedicated to the slavery life of Angola people before independence. This museum exhibits the history of the slavery lives of Angola.

It was established in 1977. The museum contains hundreds of items that show the tradition of the slave trade.

Tej people from Angola were sent to America for slavery; this museum exhibits their lives through the art pieces kept in it.

6. Belas Shopping Mall

Bela’s shopping mall is the first commercial shopping mall in Angola. It is located in Tlatoani, Luanda. It is the largest shopping mall in Angola covering an area of 120,00 square kilometers.


It was officially opened on 29 March 2007. The mall contains almost all varieties of groceries, cutlery, food, fruit, and many other items.

There are also mini-restaurants for its visitors to enjoy the meals over there. The mall also has eight theaters, a food court, an entertainment area, and hundreds of stores. It is a good place for shopping in Angola.

7. Kissama National Park

Kissama National Park is also known as Quiçama National Park. It is located in the Northwest of Angola. The park is approximately 70 kilometers from Luanda, Angola.

The park is bordered on the west by the Atlantic Ocean by 120 kilometers. Longa River is located on its Southern boundary, and Cuanza River is on its Northern border.

This river is famous for its safaris and rides. Many wildlife animals enhance the beauty of the park. Also, there are many attractive waterfalls in the park. This is an excellent place to visit in Angola for a family.

8. Kalandula Waterfalls

Kalandula Falls is located in Kalandula, Manji province, Angola. This is present in the Lucala River. These falls are 105 meters high and 400 meters wide.

By volume, it is one of the largest waterfalls in Africa. This waterfall provides its visitors with heart-touching sceneries. This is one of the best natural places to visit in Angola.

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9. Ulengo Center

Ulengo Center is located in Viana, Angola. It is an amusement park for the joy of the natives and guests of Angola. There are many rides and swings for children.

There are nightclubs for the youngsters and restaurants to entertain the visitors with delicious meals.

There are also cinemas for visitors and small shops for shopping. Musical concerts are also organized there. It is the best place to visit in Angola with your family.

10. Tundavala

Tundavala gaps are located on the cliffs of Serra da Leba. It is about 18 kilometers from the city of Lubango, Angola. It is a mountainous area with a waterfall.


This site gives spectacular views to its audience. It is a place that gives proof of natural beauty with unmatchable beauty. It is a fantastic place to visit in Angola.

11. Dilolo Lake

In the eastern part of Angola, there’s a big lake. It’s the biggest in the country and a popular spot for tourists.

This lake is close to Camera Park. It is about 12 kilometers long and sits pretty high, around 1000 meters above the sea.

What’s interesting about this lake is the waves. They always go towards the east. People used to think these waves were like magic and scared them from fishing in the lake.

If you want to swim in the lake, the best time is in September when it’s 32 degrees Celsius outside.

12. Dala Waterfalls

The Dala Waterfalls are tall, about 60 meters high. They make a beautiful sight with all the mist and spray when the water crashes onto the rocks below.

You can easily see these waterfalls from a bridge close to them. And if you love this place, there’s a hotel just 50 meters away.

Some people also call these falls the Chiumbe River Falls. But don’t get confused with the smaller Cassengo Falls in the same area of Angola.

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